VVF Flag

The nation of the Volksrepublic von Falkenheim is located in eastern Scandia. It is bordered on the north by Kormoranoj SRK, on the northeast by Astelia, on the east by Astriar, and on the west by Meers Reich.

After many bloody and unfortunate events in the areas of what is now the Volksrepublik von Falkenheim, the country was in shambles. Entire cities had been razed to the ground and almost a third of the population had been wiped out by war, genocide, famine, and disease. But before all hope was lost, a shining beacon emerged: that of Communism. The ideology swept over the nation and a new regime, the Volksrepublik, took over with little bloodshed. The new regime controls the VVF with an iron fist, but rules in the best interest of the people (*wink wink nudge nudge*). The Staatspolizei (more commonly known as Statspol) are the secret police of the regime and will go to whatever ends they must to silence dissidents. The army, yet small, is highly trained and efficiently patrols the borders. 

The VVF enters the world stage at first by extending alliance offers to all fellow Communist nations. We welcome all to join our bloc to fight off Capitalist and Fascist oppression. We hope to forge a new, equal, Communist world.