Overview Edit

Kedywians as the nation have seen a lot since the great city of Ombra fell in 15th century. After a short and successful campaign, forces of Karouvastan Sultanate conquered all of the land and forced most of the indigenous peoples to leave the country. It was because of the new laws imposed by the occupants, that forbid Kedywians to venerate the Argent Flame, religion that was the very basis of the country. In the next centuries Kedywians had to spread spread around the world, reaching almost every corner of it. They proved to be hard working and with a flair for doing business. Many of 20th century city centres had at least one factory with an owner of Kedywian descent.

The breaking point came in form of Cysien War. When the world plunged into a war, in a few countries involved in it, the prosecution of Kedywians was a common sight. Regular citizens, guided by various ideologies or just plain jealousy joined various anti-Kedywian movements. Those groups would devastate shops, set factories on fire or just beat up slightly different looking folks. As the war kept going the poverty and angst grew even more. Those few years were to become one of the darkest in history of the nation. In those years the idea of establishing once more a Kedywian country was created.

The chance came in form of a civil war in Ombran Caliphate. In 1937, Puppet state of Karouvastan, now quite independent after a total collapse of the mother country due to economic crisis, plunged into conflict when one of the sides fighting for control decided to use brute force to take control of the caliphate. By the 1945 the whole region was destabilized and in ruins. An international committee was assembled to minimize the crisis. Influenced by wealthy and influential Kedywian lobby, the assembly decided that re-establishing Kedywian nation as a secular state will help to stabilize the troubled area. Soon people from all over the world were coming to settle down in the State of Kedywia.

Though the country has seen even more bloodshed in the recent years, Kedywians are still standing strong. With booming electronics and chemistry industries, as well as financial sector, their GDP is one of the highest in the world, allowing the young nation to rebuild destroyed cities and villages. Kedywian army, though small in numbers, is modern and well-trained, nothing strange when considered the country is surrounded by enemies.