Type of Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Bloc Alignment: “The Liberals”

Background Edit

Astora is a nation with a long and storied history, tracing their lineage to seaborne raiders of times long past, feared for their raids and warrior pride these people founded the small territory of Astrangaard, a collection of Holds and small Kingdoms. Astrangaard was united in the early 11th century by Alric Rasmussen a legendary warrior king. Astora remained a relatively isolated power, never fully committing itself to any alliances or wars that would directly place the interests of the nation and its people in direct danger until the early 20th Century, in which Astora joined the Coalition of Nations during the Cysien War.

Astora has become a model of liberal values and was one of the first nations to introduce socialised healthcare and education, as well as a number of other such schemes, as a result native Astorans enjoy a high quality of life compared to many other nations. Despite this progressive outlook, Astorans hold a deep seated loathing for communism as it was a Communist plot that nearly ended the Rasmussen line in 1919. To combat the threat of communism Astora maintains well-trained and well-equipped Armed Forces, and prides itself on its military’s steadfast discipline and excellent training.